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Standard Engraved Stones

With our standard engraved rocks its simple to order. Our standard stone “one word -OR- one graphic.” Just choose your font and text “OR” select a graphic. Then place your order. We will send your final design for approval. Browse designs from our huge portfolio of graphics by clicking here.

Custom Engraved Stones

For custom engraved stones, choose your font. Custom is “multiple words &/or graphic(s).” Or you can supply your own custom graphic even. Place your order. We will send you a design rendering for approval, then engrave your rock to the highest quality standards in the world.


Since 1996, we have been providing the highest quality engraving on the highest quality stones. Our attention to every detail is what sets us apart and we always deeply engrave our stones as close to perfection as possible. One close look is all it should take to see the difference.

Competitive Prices

Rock-It Creations has been engraving natural stone since 1996. We know what it takes to create fine quality engraved stone keepsakes that are worth holding onto forever. It takes a lot. From time to time, we monitor the pricing of our “competition” and try to keep our prices as low as we can and still survive. We can tell you that with Rock-It Creations, you will get what you pay for: engraved stone keepsakes that are worth holding onto forever.

Gift Certificates

Send a Rock-It Creations gift certificate for an expertly crafted personalized engraved stone to someone you care about and let them know that they are important to you and that you are thinking fondly about them. Gift certificates are a great alternative to giving an actual stone. They allow the recipient more time to ponder so that their beautifully engraved river rock is personalized just right and will be worth holding onto forever.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that we will always do the very best we can to engrave the most beautiful natural river stones available for you, our valued customers. We will never cut corners and we will strive for perfection in every stone that we expertly hand craft. Stone engraving is an art and all engraved rocks are not created equal! We create one-of-a-kind engraved river stone keepsakes that are worth holding onto forever. We guarantee it!

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