Engraved Memorial Stones – Handcrafted

Beautifully engraved memorial stones, expertly handcrafted from natural river stones, are one of our specialties, and we take them very seriously because we know how important they are to you (and us). We pour our hearts, souls, and our many years of expertise in fine stone engraving into every commemorative stone that we create. We do this because we have all experienced the loss of loved ones and we feel that extraordinarily fine quality engraving in beautifully natural river stones is the perfectly fitting way to go. Our fine quality stone engraving skill is combined with only the highest quality natural river stones that can be found. The result of this combination is stunningly beautiful memorial stones that captivate and touch one’s soul. They are truly keepsakes that are worth holding onto forever.

It is very difficult to lose those close to us and the feelings of despair can be crushing. A beautifully hand-crafted memorial stone truly does help with closure. A lovely natural, expertly engraved memorial stone will also bring back memories of times that you shared with the dearly departed loved one. The loss of a loved one is hard, to be sure, and a beautiful natural engraved river stone will serve well to keep the memories alive. Every memorial stone that we create is as unique as the person for which it was expertly handcrafted.

We expertly engrave art and emotion deep into each meticulously hand-picked, beautiful natural river stone. With our extraordinary care and our many years of experience, we take your expressions of love, beauty, passion, and perhaps humor, and carve them deep into the highest quality memorial stones available anywhere. Our deep carving technique ensures your memorial stone lasts and remains as impressive as the day you receive it even years after creation.  Imagine the possibilities, be creative, and let us touch you with a commemorative stone memorial that will last through the ages. Accept no substitutes for important memorial stones. Our quality in natural river stone engraving stands above the rest. We accept nothing less from ourselves.
Keep your loved ones’ near and remember the happy times and memories every time you see your beautiful, one-of-a-kind memorial stone. They are suitable for placement indoors or out and they will last for many generations. Call us today, 208-253-4557.

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