Sizes and Prices

Sizes and Prices

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Customer Price Guide
Rock Size (size range*)StandardCustom
Small (3"-5")$33.00$48.00
Medium (5"-8")$53.00$88.00
Large (8"-11")$93.00$148.00
X-Large (11" - 16")$173.00$348.00
Note: Standard = Any single word or catalog image.
Custom =
Multiple words, images, or a combination
*Custom stones are towards the upper end of each size range in order to accommodate the larger engraved area.
Text Choices:
Standard Text
Formal Text
Script Text


Standard Rock Sample 1
Standard Rock Sample 2
Standard Rock Sample 3
Standard Rock Sample 4

Samples of Standard Rocks


Custom Rock Sample 1
Custom Rock Sample 2
Custom Rock Sample 3
Custom Rock Sample 4

Samples of Custom Rocks