We create lasting personal keepsakes and memorials. When ordering a stone from us you are getting the highest quality deeply engraved stone on the market. We have two different categories to choose from when ordering. We have our standard stone and custom stones.

Our standard stones are one word or one catalog image.

Our custom stones are multiple words, catalog images or a combination of the two.

We have made our ordering process easy and streamlined.

  • Select the category you want to order from, either standard or custom.
  • Select the size of stone you want to order. We stock small, medium, large and extra-large stones.
  • Choose the font and what you want engraved on your stone. We will always send a layout for your approval before we engrave your stone.
  • You can complete your order online or by giving us a call if you need further assistance.

Engraved Garden Stones

Designing and creating a beautiful garden requires imagination, work, and a few unique elements of personal touches. Gardeners are special people who enjoy the satisfaction and fulfillment of their labors of gardening love.

Beautifully engraved river rocks act as unique garden art and they enhance any garden area they occupy. A finely crafted engraved garden stone will be the focal points of wonder and amazement. River stones are the perfect medium for engraved garden art as they are 100% natural and smoothed over the millennia by Mother Nature herself. Rock-It Creations never cuts corners and our many years of expertise assure that every engraved stone, no matter what their size, is completed with the goal of wonderment and appreciation to the viewer. The closer one looks at our finely engraved, top quality garden stones, the more its natural beauty will amaze.

From small engraved stones, with a single butterfly, ladybug, lizard, etc, strategically placed here and there by the caring gardener, to more complex arrangements of words, with or without graphics, engraved garden stones are the perfect garden accents. They add pizzazz to a garden that may otherwise be lacking of that special something that may not be realized.
Some people may want to identify their plants and trees with simple engraved stone markers. Others may want to dedicate individual trees and plants to beloved friends and family members. There really is no better way to mark plant life and make tributes to loved ones in garden areas than with fine quality beautifully engraved garden stones that are only available from Rock-It Creations.

By using a variety of engraved rocks in different areas of your garden space, it is possible to create a feeling of peace and tranquility. As gardeners know, garden art that enhances these feelings helps to satisfy their soul. Engraved river rocks add an elegant touch to anyone’s garden. Meaningful quotes or words of humor, wisdom, or basic common sense that are deeply engraved into natural stone can create a garden area that one does not want to leave too soon. Let your imagination be your guide! Let Rock-It Creations create your personalized engraved stone garden accents. You and your garden visitors will not be disappointed.