Door mats may have earned the name “welcome mat,” but really, how welcoming is a dingy black or brown mat that your guests wipe their muddy feet on? It doesn’t exactly make a unique statement, or invite friends to come in and enjoy your home. However, a custom engraved welcome stone from Rock-It Creations will tell your guests that you are a person who appreciates good taste, artwork, and the finer things in life. It shows them that you have a thoughtful side, and ushers them warmly inside.

Welcome Stones Engraved On The Finest River Rocks
Our engraved stones also make the perfect welcome gift idea for a variety of occasions. They are beautiful welcome gifts for a friend moving into new house or apartment, or even for someone headed to their first college dorm. Welcome stones also make a wonderful wedding or anniversary gift, ideal for everyone from newlyweds beginning their shared life to an older couple celebrating another year together. Best of all, welcome stones last for years, unlike a doormat or a simple welcome flag that will be thrown out after a season or two. An engraved welcome stone makes a true heirloom that can be passed on to generation after generation, saved for children and grandchildren to enjoy. Unlike a mat, easily ruined by weather and time, a stone only grows more polished and beautiful with age.

Whether you need welcome gift ideas for a friend, a way to make your doorstep more attractive, or just something to brighten your day, a welcome stone is sure to make you and your loved ones smile. It’s more than a greeting… it’s a work of art!

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